i-READ: Literacy Intervention for Middle and Secondary Schools

i-READ is a concerted effort to reach secondary school students disengaged and disinterested in learning. It is directed at students who are in need of assistance with reading. The success of the intervention relies on the committed, collaborative efforts of students, parents, teachers, LSAs, volunteers, and the Kindergarten staff and students of feeder schools.




Improve the literacy learning opportunities and outcomes of disengaged and disinterested students in the middle years and secondary schools


Showcase effective literacy practice that incorporates authentic and meaningful activities


Develop a model of literacy support that can be adapted in all classrooms across disciplines


Adopt innovative and cutting-edge literacy practices and the use of technology Educate support personnel (LSAs, support teachers, volunteers) in effective ways to work with, and support, struggling readers


Instigate a mentoring model that includes 1:1 tutoring and “buddy reading”