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Advice for Parents


Tried and true strategies to assist you help your child to read.





Professional Learning

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Suggested booklist 


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Teaching making a difference (3rd ed.)



Churchill, Godinho, ...Lowe et al. (2016). 



Wiley, Aus. ISBN 9780730315452





Literacy in Australia: Pedagogies for Engagement.


Amy Seely Flint, Kaye Lowe, Kylie Shaw, Lisbeth Kitson. (2013). Wiley, Aus. ISBN: 978-1-118-40090



Recently Published Articles


Radical hope: Education and equality in Australia

[Book Review] [online]. Lowe, Kaye. Australian Aboriginal Studies, No. 2, 2013: 110-113. Availability:  ISSN: 0729-4352. [cited 24 Jan 14].



Parents: Advocates for literacy success

Kaye Lowe


This paper explores the role of parents in reading intervention. While parents have a vested interest in supporting their children’s literacy success, Cunningham and Allington (2003) point out that most parents are unsure of how to teach reading or help their children with literacy development. Effective research‐based reading and writing strategies, the incorporation of technology, and the collaborative nature of the experience are keys to engaging parents and students in the quest for literacy success. This paper explores how and why parent education is a crucial component of reading intervention.  



Technology: The Bridge to Reading Success

Kaye Lowe and Ryan Spencer 2012


This paper documents case studies of two reluctant and disengaged students and how technology served to motivate their pursuit of literacy learning. The technologies included Kindle e-book readers, iPad devices, iPods and interactive websites. These case studies give best practice examples that can be implemented in all classrooms to motivate students to read. Read more...​



U-CAN Write: Working with Struggling Writers

Kaye Lowe and Faye Bormann 2012


Getting started' is often the barrier to writing for struggling and disengaged writers. The blank page does little to inspire their efforts and concerns around spelling, word selection, handwriting, lack of content and grammar. Often, these only serve to justify their hesitancy to engage. The Literacy Advisors at U-CAN READ: Literacy Intervention Years 3-10 (UCR) work to address these issues and in doing so build the confidence of writers to reach their potential as budding authors. Read more...

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