For Support Officers, Learning Support Assistants and Volunteers working K-12 and with adults

This is an intensive 6 hour workshop that explores the reading process and effective strategies to support struggling readers in one-on-one learning situations.  It is applicable to those working with students in grades K-12.  It is also extremely relevant to those working with adult, struggling readers.

This workshop provides particpants with a sound knowledge-base and an informed undertanding of reading so that they can effectively meet the needs of struggling readers. The workshop demonstrates  a range of evidence-based strategies and ideas that cater for diverse needs. Building readers' confidence, ensuring comprehension occurs and igniting the love of reading are just a few of the issues addressed.  Book orientations, effective prompts and strategies such as NIM, echo and shared reading are introduced and practised. The emphasis is on supporting readers to be independent.  The connections between reading, writing, spelling and technology are also investigated. The importance of choice and responsibility are interwoven through-out and "hot books" to motivate reluctant and resistant readers are shared.

The focus of the final segment of this workshop is the format and structure of a successful 30-45 minute  mentoring/tutoring session.


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