For Parents

Parent education – how to help your children at home with reading and writing

This two (or three) hour workshop is designed to eliminate the stress and anxiety that parents often experience when assisting their children at home with reading and writing.  The emphasis is on bringing back the joy and love to reading. 

Through practical and meaningful experiences, parents are introduced to the best and most effective ways of assisting their children with reading, writing and spelling.  Parents leave the workshop with a range of strategies to assist their childen when they come to unfamiliar words and ideas for promoting the pleasure of reading.  Parents learn alternatives ways to replace ineffective methods such as poking at words, sounding out words as the first and last option, getting frustrated and treating reading as a test. Parents learn how to support their children achieve independence in reading.

This workshop is designed to reinforce the efforts of classroom teachers. It is philosophically aligned with the National Curriculum.  When parents are aware of effective ways to assist their children, teachers benefit.  Parents are essential advocates for addressing the ever-present concerns associated with reading difficulties. When the stress and angst of reading at home disappears,  readers are advantaged. Their confidence and participation improve.


Two (or three) hour workshop -- $1200 plus GST and travel.