Kaye has extensive experience evaluating literacy programs in Australia and the US.  The findings and recommendations from these evaluations have been published in numerous journals and presented at many international conferences.

Kaye has completed evaluations at four levels -- state, school, program and workplace. For example, on a state level she evaluated a Kentucky literacy initiative involving 2000 teachers and 174 schools. In the Northern Territory, she evaluated a literacy intervention in twenty remote communities.  She has completed extensive evaluations on a program basis, for example, Reading Recovery in three Kentucky counties and 74 reading programs used as whole-school, intervention and supplementary programs. 

She has completed literacy evaluations in many schools throughout the US and NSW.  She has evaluated the literacy curriculum used in juvenile justice centres and jails.  Specific programs, for instance Poject CLaim and Boys, Blokes and Books  have also been evaluated.   Reports on the effectiveness of various state and territory initiatives connected to literacy learning have been conducted, for example, ACT Literacy Field Officer's Report.   

Kaye is prepared to spend extended time in schools and learning contexts, to complete an audit on client's literacy needs and current practices.  A formal report with recommendations for improving practices and literacy outcomes for all stakeholders will be completed.  Time and duration of the evaluation is on a needs basis.

Mentoring and evaluation models to be negotiated according to duration and need.



Evaluating Literacy Curriculum, Programs,  and Initiatives